Dee Cater

I credit the anime Sailor Moon with changing my life. At age nine, I became so obsessed with the show that I picked up a pencil and started to express my love for it through art. I then found a computer and started to design and code terrible Sailor Moon websites. While doing that, I found awesome communities of folks online through AOL and Livejournal. I didn't understand what was happening back then, but my super nerdy obsession for Sailor Moon grew into a love of digital products, design, communication, and technology.

Currently, I am marketing manager for ProLiteracy. I develop and direct market strategies for product marketing, product development, branding, digital content management, and social content and engagement. Additionally, I drive data analytics aggregation for reporting and direction/response advisement, provide guidance on technology products, manage budgets, and coordinate special events and campaigns.

I've been invited to speak on topics such as social media and customer acquisition and retention as well as facilitate workshops on pitching, market and competitor analysis, design, and coding.

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